Tooltips in tooltips

7 September 2020

With the recent release of Crusader Kings 3 by Paradox Interactive, a new UI paradigm in the game stopped me in my tracks. There are a lot of lessons that web designers can learn from video game user interface design and while they aren’t always transferrable, they are worth exploring. In this case it’s the idea of having tooltips within tooltips.

Tooltips within tooltips! Image taken from this dev diary

Tooltips have become a standard component in user interface design. The majority of web UI frameworks include some form of tooltip, with Bootstrap having two types (Tooltips and Popovers). Wikipedia uses tooltips when hovering over links:

Image taken from this Wikipedia article

What about nested tooltips... on the web?

Hover over "small droplets" to begin (sorry mobile users)

The virus is spread primarily via
small droplets

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Images and content taken from Wikipedia

Did you find it intuitive? Could you easily traverse up and down the tooltip chain? Note: this is a HTML/CSS example that I quickly put together so it’s rough around the edges.

I found it suprisingly intuitive and easy to use. When you hover to reveal the first tooltip, you keep your cursor nice and still. After that, you locate a piece of information you want to learn more about and you hover over that. It might overlap the first tooltip, but that’s fine. You’ve chosen to seek more information.

Another reason I like this idea, is that it matches how I think. When learning something new, there might be a supporting concept or idea I don't fully grasp. A nested tooltip is a great solution.

In the context of a complex grand strategy game like CK3, having explanatory text is necessary. The designers and developers at Paradox elegantly solved this by implementing tooltips within tooltips. Kudos to them.

Potential issues

I guess the question is: could the web embrace nested tooltips?

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